Faq's Coach Central

Why do I need a coach?
Because you know the answers to most of the questions. A coach will bring that out in you.
When you demonstrate that you don’t know, a business coach will have a bag of tools to assist you in moving forward..

Does Coaching always work?
Yes, however the level depends on how committed the coachee is to the process. Coaching will raise your self awareness, acting on that awareness is the challenge that requires commitment from the coachee. Good coaching will increase your ability to act.

What if I’m too scared to act?
You are not alone. Some people have built their ability to take action over a lifetime. Others have learnt that action can mean failure. To succeed we must learn that action can only take place if we risk failure. Start the process today of building your ability to take action.

Can I talk to a coach central consultant to design a program that specifically addresses the issues within my business?
Yes. Contact us on info@coachcentral.com.au or phone (07) 40580425 or mobile phone 0412 888 572 to identify the issues and develop an individual programs that best fits the needs of your business.

Why run a Team 101 program, what will it do for my business my busines, what tanagable results can I expect?
The key to getting the best out of our people is based on two things, Trust and communication. We all know this and we can build it with time. A Coach Central Team 101 program will fast track this process, within one day we can build trust and effective communication that can take years to build under non intervention circumstances. The tangables are a team that discussed issues more openly to ensure you are using the knowledge of all your staff.

Will Coach Central do the work for me?
That depends, our preferance is to train through coaching to make the client accountable for the outcomes (our experience is that people want to run their business themselves). However, we know that some things are a simple one off fix where training is a waste of resources. In which case we will consult and complete the task for you.

Will I have fun?
You will discover that fun in the workplace is more around succeeding than laughing. You will have fun that is part of who we are.

Can you develop a tailored leadership/team development program for our busineess?
Yes we can. We can provide a one stop shop for all your HR development needs which provides consistancy throughout the business. We deliver in the one style and in doing so we negate the internal challenge of which style is the best. Soft or hard issues, we always show how that a blend of the two needed to achieve sucess.

We need Specific Skills set training - can you develop the programs for us?
Of course we are delighted to tailor specific training designed specially for your corporate needs. Contact us for a free consultation.

Can we bring our team to Cairns for some R&R that will also add value to the business?
Yes, please contact us to organise your whole Reward and recognition package for you and your team. We can custom design a program that provides a getaway for your team which more importantly adds value to your business. These programs are built to meet specific budget requirements and target identified business issues.