Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Leadership 101 (It’s all about me) – who am I, where am I going? Can be delivered one on one, group sessions, externally work on beliefs and why we do what we do. What drives our fear. What are our goals- Self- work-family-financial? Creating passion in everything you do.

Leadership 102 (Building partnerships) – Building trust, Setting a vision, building a strategic plan, identifying needs. Creating a vision for others, how to support, give feedback, stand tall. Being a leader all the time, setting the standard.

Leadership 103
(Creating action) – Coaching for leaders program allowing others to build responsibility and action by engaging them through coaching.

Leadership 104 (It’s all about them) – Leading for results- what support do I need to provide- measuring results-creating a culture of success - rewarding success. Keeping the passion alive.

LARA Model