Sales Training

Sales Training/Selling Skills

What you will learn:
Learn how to develop effective sales techniques in this two day program.  Expand your knowledge of the stages of a sale and how to get the best out of each interaction with a customer – bringing the sale to a positive conclusion.
At the end of this program you will be able to make a more confident and successful pitch which will result in more sales.


  • Setting the Stage & Making the Initial Contact
        • How to Prepare for a Sale
        • Customer’s Perception
        • Timing the Approach and Questioning Techniques
  • Needs vs. Wants = Illustrating the Choice
        • How Emotions Impact on the Sale
        • Methods to Improve Choice
        •  Illustrate Choice to the Best Advantage
  • Selling "I What You Have for Sale" & Gaining Agreement
        •  Match the Customer to the Merchandise
        • How to Increase Value &  Remove Barriers to the Sale
        • What Impacts on Closing
  • Closing & Linked Selling
        • How to Confidently Identify the ‘ Close’
        • Methods Increase Sale Revenue
        • When to Introduce and Sell Up

Who should attend:
New and experienced salespeople who deal with customers in a face to face situation.

2 Day Program (Corporate Programs Tailored to Suit)

What’s Next:
Psychology of Selling
Merchandise Knowledge