Team Development

Team Development
“3 steps to transforming people”

Step 1. Build awareness and trust
Recognising my own behaviour and team behaviour.
· Setting some standards for myself and my team
· TMP understanding what work is.
· TMP understanding me, how do I prefer to work
· TMP understanding my team to understand how they prefer to work.
· The need for trust.
· For things to change then I must change things.
· Getting out of the detail of my job to increase efficiency.
· Building desire to control our own destiny

Step 2. Where do we want to be
· Highlights of step 1
· Rapport how to build it and how to break it.
· Don’t try to fix things till you build rapport and understand what the issue is.
· What are the issues that challenged us most in stage 1.
· What do we do, in simple terms what is our job.
· Where are we now.
· Identify the development needs to bridge the gap - what can we control then put
  our energy into that.
· Do we need synergy on this. Teams don’t always work.
· Who makes the decisions.
· How do we measure what we do.
· Break it down and challenge the process.

Step 3. Acting on our instincts
· Building our vision. Building who we are. Dreaming of what is possible.
· If you know who you are then you will know what to do.
· Put first things first.
· Buying in even more to that vision, making it more real.
· The art of coaching
· How to bring the best out of our staff.
· What is preventing us achieving our vision.
· Tools for action