One to one executive coaching

Find time to up skill and increase confidence with
One to one executive coaching

As owner/managers we never get enough time to invest in ourselves to up skill or upgrade. Often the executive feels unable to determine the currency of his/her skill base. 

With ‘One to One Executive Coaching’ a ‘pick n mix’ opportunity is offered to take time to hone in on specific skills sets – whether that is to be able to attach the latest Sales Summary spreadsheet into an email or developing a database report to use in a management briefing or simply to understand the sales processes – coaching will ensure that you receive personal attention for those aspects that you never find time for.

In the rush of day to day activity managers/owner managers can often be left behind; by investing in time to increase your skill base you will increase the actual time available to you in the long run - through efficiency.

Coaching is about you telling us what you would like to know not us telling you what we think you need to know!

Investing in one’s self has many rewards….
practical skills, time saving, laboring saving
together with increase confident interaction with colleagues
- the business will ultimately benefit!

We will visit you on site at time slots to suit and set in place a personalised schedule of learning and development – and you don’t even have to leave your office!

Computer Skills

One on One Personal Coaching for a confident approach
Computer Skills & Application Software

Back to Basics ‘Computer Skills’
Establish confident use of the computer through fundamental foundations

Or ‘Pick n mix’ – consultations establish a specific need and develop from :

Word Processing MSWord
- Back to Basics
- Produce professional looking documents
- Using shortcuts for efficiency
-Mail Merge Documents

- Effective research
- Communicating through the net

- Preparing emails
- Working with attachments
Excel Spreadsheets
- Working with spreadsheets
- Using and understanding formulae
- Doing calculations &

MS PowerPoint Presentation
- Make more effective presentations
Access Database
- Develop skills in database management
- Report generation
- Producing forms
File Management
- Getting to know the computer & file management
- Search & retrieve files and documents effortlessly

Personal Development

Personal Development

Knowledge of self and others
Psychometric testing and 360 reviews to help you gain an understanding of how you prefer to operate.

Personal drivers
What drives you to success? By recognising what drives us we can tailor our energy towards those drivers or modify those drivers to make us even more successful.

Eliminate obstacles to growth
What are our biggest fears? Fear drives us more than success. By decreasing our fears we increase our success.

Communication Skills
How we communicate dictates our success with others. Communication makes up the greater part of our day, yet we have had little structured training in communication in our lifetime.

Leadership Skills
The ability to lead others to voluntarily want to meet predetermined goals is a learned skill. Yet we rely on our natural ability.

Engaging others
How often do we complain about staff and others who resist change. Once again this is a learned skill.           

Business Planning & Development

Business Planning & Development

Interviewing Techniques
- For the interviewee searching for a new career path or promotion
- For the Interviewer to become a more effect information finder

Job finding & Career path development
- Develop & Expand employability skills
- Planning and goal setting for a new career
Organising & Strategic Planning
- Establish organisational ability
- Prepare & plan strategically to realistic targets

Marketing Plan
- Develop a marketing plan
- Establish a market niche/idea
- Identify market share

Writing a Business Plan
- Prepare a working document blueprint of the business
- Determine future growth plans
Selling Techniques
- Develop a sales strategy
- Selling face to face
- Sales pitch development

Customer Focus/Professional Service
- Create a customer focused ethos
- Expand customer satisfaction and return
- Stand out as a professional service provider

If your preference is not listed
just call or email and we will tailor to suit your needs!