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About Coach Central

Here at Coach Central we believe that we are doing a good job when the client says. “ I don’t need a coach, I had all the answers myself"

The paradox about coaching is that you should walk out of a session thinking that you achieved most of the change yourself. I came up with all the answers, the coach told me nothing I didn’t already know. How do you build a business on that. If you want someone to make the decisions and run your life/business for you then a coach is not for you. If you want to become empowered to take action on what needs to be done then coaching is for you.

Because good coaching allows you to take action on things you may never have taken action on. At worst it speeds your decisions.

Try this. Take ten minutes out of your day to:

Tell me one way you could reduce your weekly expenditure by $10 or more. Ok so you picked coffee or wine etc, the easy ones. Let’s be honest you work hard and you deserve a coffee or a wine. Go a bit deeper, take the time to find something that you don’t use any more, something you pay for with little return. Maybe an answering service, a subscription, food that you continually throw out, the insurance you know you can get cheaper, unused luxuries, cable. Something you got automatically that you never cancelled. Have you got it yet? Take a walk around the house or office and expand your awareness to take in everything you see. Look for a trigger, think about your workmates, your kids. What do they have that seems like a waste?

Ok you got it!

What is the worst thing that could happen if you choose to stop paying that expenditure right now. I’m serious, to make the decision right now to cancel the payment.

What is preventing you from saving that money? Speak up because something is.

Is the decision going to save you at least $10 per week.

Great then just do it.

Do it right now, not later, if it requires additional detail (ie cancelling standing orders) then make the decision to do it now, right now. Treat it as if it is done. If you are using the details as an excuse to do it later then go back and do the exercise again. You are getting something out of that investment, if it works for you find something else. If it doesn’t work for you then welcome to the world of action. We get nothing without action.

Great you now have two choices. Take your savings and buy yourself something as a reward or take the savings and reinvest it in yourself. First of all make a decision to act, too many people spend too much money on self improvement material that they never act on. If you are not going to act then buy yourself a gift?

For $1 a day Coach Central will e-mail you simple challenges that may or may not work for you. Read them each day and act on them if they work for you. A $1 investment could mean a $10 saving. That's a 1000% return.

My bet is you just found a saving of more than $10. Do the maths. Invest in yourself. Invest in the fact that you already know the answers you just need a trigger to bring yourself to action!