Coaching for results program

Coach Central proposes a three day (1x two day and 1 x one day) Leadership Coaching for Results program. The focus being to introduce the team to the “Coach Central Coaching Model for Leaders” which involves

  • Creating a coaching environment by controlling the physical and emotional states so all parties are receptive to the coaching process. This will build on the understanding of self and others introduced in the TMP workshop.

  •  Understanding from the coachee’s perspective where they perceive the situation to be right now.

  • Effective questioning techniques to discover what the coachee would like to achieve.  This includes shifting the coachee from”what they don’t want to happen” to “what they would like to happen”.

  • Even greater questioning techniques to explore the options available.
  • Choosing the best option that aligns both the coachee’s needs and the business needs.

  • Gaining commitment to an action plan.

coaching graphic
This coaching workshop is a 360 degree coaching skills program designed to be used in the workplace to achieve effective goal setting and more importantly commitment and accountability to achieving effective outcomes.