Linking Skills Profiles

Exclusive interviews with teams and team leaders throughout the world have highlighted common skills, which are essential to effectively integrate the work of individuals, teams and organisations. These skills are shown on the Linking Leader Model and are made up of People Linking Skills, Task Linking Skills and Leadership Linking Skills. The Linking Skills Profile is an individual 360-degree feedback instrument that explores the extent to which an individual should and does demonstrate these key activities and behaviours.

Profile Questionnaire:
- 3 versions available:

  • The 36-item Linking of People Profile Questionnaire - suitable for all team members.
  • The 66-item Linking of People and Tasks Profile Questionnaire - ideal for senior team members.
  • The 78-item Linking Leader Profile Questionnaire - designed for anyone with leadership responsibilities.

Linking Lider Model

- Obtains 360-degree feedback – most commonly from the individual, their supervisor, team members and peers.
- Available electronically or paper-based
- Takes approximately 15 -20 minutes to complete.
- Rigorously researched and validated.
- Written in straightforward, positive language.
- Based on a universal set of competencies.
- Focused on specific, actionable behaviours


  • Performance Management
  • Management and Leadership Programmes
  • Coaching and Mentoring Programmes
  • Individual and Team Development Programmes
  • One on One Executive Development Programmes


  • Provides non-confrontational feedback on key managerial and leadership skills.
  • Gives insight into what key stakeholders think.
  • Highlights most important activities for the individual to focus on.
  • Improves team and leadership performance.