Pre Interview Computer Skills

"Pics'! Pre Interview Computer Skills

Why choose this program:
It is becoming increasingly harder to pick the right person for the job – time is lost in recruiting the ‘right’ person to find the skill base is not evident in reality.

‘PICS’ allows time and money to be saved by assessing the skill level of job seekers before the initial interview.  This program focuses on the ability and level of knowledge of candidates seeking employment in a job where computer applications are a daily requirement.

What happens:
We come to your site and carry out a Pre-interview Assessment in word processing, spreadsheet, presentations and database management (other applications can be assess and tailored to meet requirements).  Each application is assessed over a period of 30 minutes and will determine the level of ability – Highly Skilled/Very Competent, Average and Capable, Limited Capability/Limited Knowledge.  A full report is prepared to illustrate areas of skill – for example Candidate A may be Highly Skilled in word processing with Limited Capability in presentation.
The tool is designed purely as an analysis of candidate’s practical usage and is used in conjunction with assessment of recruiters suitability to the job.

Who Should Attend:
Candidates wishing to prove their level of capability and knowledge of computer application

2 hour session (30 minutes per application)

What’s Next?
Computer Basics
Word Processing Skills
File Management
Internet & Email