Professional Customer Service

Professional Customer Service

What you will learn:
Be the best that you can be by excelling in Customer Care – ensure that positive experience for both internal and external customers.


  • Turn Enquires into Sales
        • Handling Enquires Successfully
        • Developing ‘Comeback Factor’
  • Confidently Deal with Justified/Unjustified Complaints
        • Determining What Are Complaints
        • Turning Negative into Positive
  • How to Take & Use Compliments to Develop Customer Relationships
        •  Building On Successful Outcomes
        • Retaining & Building Loyalty
  • Become a Clear Communicator
        • Expand Communication Skills
        • Discover the Impact of Body Language
  • Create Successful & Professional Service
        • Develop Professionalism
        • Create Your Own Success

Who should attend:
This program is suited to anyone who has a customer! Whether the customer is an outside client or a fellow colleague!  Become more focused on the customer and create strong loyal relationships

1 and 2 Day Programs available (Corporate Programs Tailored to Suit)

What’s Next:
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